Project Description:

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is the fourth and final installment of Naughty Dog's critically acclaimed Uncharted series. 

Uncharted 4 is set several years after the events of Uncharted 3. The story follows the protagonist, Nathan Drake, whose world is turned upside down when his older brother Sam, long believed to be dead, suddenly reappears seeking Drake's help. 


- G.A.N.G. Audio of the Year 2016

- G.A.N.G. Best Mix 2016

- G.A.N.G. Best Dialog 2016

- G.A.N.G. Best Cinematic Audio 2016


My contribution to the projected consisted both of Dialogue Editing and Sound Design.

For dialogue editing I was placed on-site at Naughty Dog for the duration of two months so that I could work closely with the Dialogue Coordinator and Lead Editor. I had to wear many hats as a dialogue editor for Uncharted 4 and I worked on a variety of tasks such as but not limited to: editing raw dialogue recorded at the mocap stage, editing and naming dialogue (gameplay, systemic/generic, efforts, and in-game cinematics), updating scripts, updating Naughty Dog's proprietary dialogue authoring tool, and creating videos for narrative implementers. I was also tasked with consolidating all dialogue sessions and prepping them for mastering. Uncharted 4 has over 50,000 lines of dialogue and I would say that I worked on approximately 80-90% of the game's dialogue in one way or another. 

In terms of Sound Design I was tasked with the creation of content for many of the game's IGC's, also known as in-game cinematics. IGC's consist of unique animations and or short cinematic events that occur during gameplay. These can be as simple as Nathan Drake bashing through a door after a button prompt to as complicated as a lengthy sequence that requires player interaction.

Here is a video detailing some of my work in Uncharted 4!