CoMotion 2014

Every year, the Motion Media department at SCAD holds a symposium where students can network and learn from industry leaders. This year I was invited to write a original song and do the sound design for the opening titles and title cards for the conference. I am tremendously thankful for the opportunity to work alongside such talented individuals. Below is a short description written by Jay Keeree, the creative director for CoMotion 2014.

“MELTING POT" The Opening Titles for CoMotion 2014 celebrates the love, the hard work, and the incredible amount of talent within SCAD’s Motion Media Design department. Apart from being incredibly passionate on their own work, the students are extremely supportive of each other and are actively collaborating on projects. The department, in a way, is a melting pot of diverse and creative individuals which transforms, animates, and contains great potential. This coming together of all styles is a fun piece of cohesive sequences which honors the amazing guests that came to the symposium. Note: This piece took a week to design and 4 nights to animate.